Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vintage Enamelware

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 Do you collect vintage items because they are popular or pretty?  Or do you collect them because they evoke a memory or a feeling?  More and more, my eyes are drawn to enamelware pieces when Im out and about.  My mom started a collection of enamelware years ago, mostly because the pieces brought back memories of her life at home and her mom who always had a colorful enamelware bowl by the back door to pick veggies in (and still does).  When I see enamelware, I think of the families who would have used it... it would have been an everyday household item.  It came in many different colors and patterns, but I find that Im most drawn to the simple white with a colorful trim.

This beautiful enamelware pitcher and basin was a recent gift from my sweet sister-in-law who purchased it for me all the way from Colorado.  It wouldnt fit in her suitcase when it was time for her to return home, so she left it behind and didnt mention anything about it.  But then her gracious sister-in-law shipped it to her and she surprised me with it recently.  Such a thoughtful gift. 

Items that show their wear only appeal to me more.  To think of the places this pitcher has been... and all that it has survived. 

 For now the pitcher and basin has a place on top of a cabinet in my laundry room and I think it will stay there.

A couple months ago I bought this old enamelware pail.  I loved that it still had its matching lid and it seemed a bargain under $20.

 Im not exactly sure how old these pieces are, but I imagine this pail is pretty old since it has a wooden handle. 

More tomatoes to can?  What was I thinking!  (smile)
  The other day my mom left some tomatoes on my porch for me.  When I went outside to get them they were in this gorgeous enamelware bowl.  Which prompted me to get out the camera because they looked so pretty out there. Whenever I see this pattern, I think of my mom and it displayed in the home I grew up in. 

I was hoping she wouldnt remember she left it here, but it was picked up this morning.  (smile)

Ive always been fascinated by times of the past... I never get tired of looking at old photos or hearing stories.  I love touring old homes, walking through old stores, looking at old items.  I guess thats why I love our old house so much. 

And I cant help but wish that when I went to the store, instead of seeing rows of plastic, I saw rows of enamelware.

What about you... do you have something vintage that brings back memories every time you see it?

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