Sunday, March 2, 2014

Three Ways to Protect Preserve and Store Your Precious Chalk Paint

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Im an impulsive person. When I think of something, I must do it.
 And then, when I think of something else, I must do that as well.
That leaves me doing a lot of different things and sometimes at the same time.

 So, where am I going with this? Well, I find that my impulsivity affects my painting. When I want to start painting a new piece of furniture, I want to start painting.
 I gather my brushes and other supplies, open my paint can and begin. And this, lack of planning has led to some problems, particularly with chalk paint.
You see, I like to paint directly out of the can. In my flurry to begin my project, pouring paint into another container would slow me down, it would be messy and I am certain it would interrupt my creative process. So, I  paint out of my can, dipping and wiping my brush along the side.
But...this is what I end up with.

The paint that I wipe along the sides ends up drying along the lid. The lid never fits tight after that and eventually, the paint remaining inside thickens. At almost $40 a quart, this is a waste!  So, I figured if I wanted to enjoy the spontaneity of painting out of a can,
 I had to come up with some ways to preserve my chalk paint.

3 Ways To Protect, Preserve and Store
 Your Precious Chalk Paint

1. Create a temporary and reusable lid with an old or new Ziplock twist lid...they fit perfectly!!

Creating a temporary lid gives me a lip to catch the paint on, 
without getting any paint on the actual rim of the can.

Here, I used a hot tool with a blade to cut a circle
 leaving about a half inch rim to catch the paint. 
You can also use scissors if you carefully drill a hole in the center and cut outwards.
 Just eyeball the circle. It does not have to be perfect.

Plop this on your can and as you paint it will catch all your paint. When finished painting, remove it, rinse it and save it to reuse. 
This is how my new can of paint looks after using the zip lock lid. Much better.

2. With my rims clean from the storage lid, my paint can be kept safely in their original cans. However, when my quart of paint starts to run really low, I sometimes like to move what is unused into empty mason jars. They store paint air tight and they look pretty. Mason jars can just do anything with style!

3. Finally, another way you can keep your chalk paint fresh is with Annie Sloan storage lids.
 These look wonderful. They are only $4.95 each and can be purchased at one of my favorite sites,
Now, no more dried out paint:)

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