Monday, March 3, 2014

Versatile storage cubes

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Weve been giving my sons bedroom a makeover all week long. One of the things needed was more storage. I decided just to make some simple cubes out of MDF and let Wyatt stack and arrange them however he liked. Sort of like those old crates for storing LP records.

But the thought of making a bunch of identical cubes seemed really boring, so I made four variations of the five-sided cube.

I thought about various ways of joining all the edges together. My first thought was to use 45 degree bevels. That way each side could be the same size. The drawback is that gluing them up straight is more of a challenge. For making eight boxes, I decided simple butt joints would be the easiest and quickest. Since these are made out of MDF and painted, I really didnt need anything fancy.

The fun thing about these is setting them up in all different ways. I suspect they might be a hit in college students dorm rooms, too.


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